Since the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan there has been a national focus on developing the workforce across the NHS.  The impetus of the Long Term Plan was closely followed by specific recommendations in relation to neonatal workforce development within Implementing the Neonatal Critical Care Transformation Review (NCCR), which recognised that delivery of its vision is dependent on having a highly skilled, multidisciplinary and expert workforce in place.

In response to the national momentum, the NWNODN has developed a Workforce Strategy to provide a focus for neonatal units in transforming their workforce for the future.  The strategy is not intended to supercede local strategies, but to provide support for neonatal service leads and manager to make best use of opportunities.

The vision of the strategy is for “neonatal care to be delivered by an integrated, multi-disciplinary team which makes the best use of the skills available and is focussed on care by parents and families

The NWNODN Workforce Strategy document can be found here

To support neonatal units in determining the most appropriate team for their workplace, a supplemental document has been developed – Workforce Strategy for NW Neonatal Units Toolkit – Building a Sustainable Neonatal Team

The toolkit makes reference to the National Neonatal Nursing Workforce Tool which can be found here:

National Neonatal Nursing Workforce Tool

Guidance for Neonatal Nursing Workforce Tool

Workforce Strategy