Kerri & Lee’s Story (Hollies mum & dad)

When Hollie­ was born it was clear she was very poorly, she was unable to breathe on her own and the medical team suspected Trisomy 21, more commonly known as Downs Syndrome.  After a tough 48 hours and little or no improvement the doctors discovered Hollie had two holes in her heart, this is known as VSD.  It was also confirmed that Hollie did have Downs Syndrome, which was a huge shock to us.  Our stay on NICU was just under 5 weeks and it was a tough time for us as new parents. The staff were fantastic and the support we received from other parents on the unit was amazing.  We have met some fantastic families, who have shared our highs and our lows and supported each other through some rough times.  We definitely made friends for life.

Hollie’s doing really well now and is turning into a proper little lady. We still meet up with our friends and are very involved in the parent support on the unit.