Parent Advisory Groups (PAGs)

Did you know that, as a parent or carer, you can get involved in improving how neonatal care is delivered across the north west region?  Through sharing your experience, you can help to influence how services are developed as well as supporting other parents and families using neonatal services.

The purpose of the North West Neonatal Operational Delivery Network (NWNODN) Parent Advisory Groups [PAGs] is to ensure that parents and users of neonatal services in the North West region are involved as partners in service design and delivery, and in the co-creation of products and resources designed to support current and former neonatal families. 

Members of the PAGs are expected to represent the views and experiences of parents and families whose babies have been cared for in a neonatal unit, and to play a vital role in driving forward improvements and changes in neonatal care that provide the best quality service for patients. 

The PAGs are also as a forum for members to share best practice from respective local groups and initiatives such as mechanisms for peer support and engagement.  

“Working together to provide the highest standards of care for babies and their families” 

The NWNODN values include: 

  • Ensuring babies and families are at the centre of all we do
  • Commitment to quality care
  • Compassion
  • Fully represent the views of all parents who have had neonatal service experience
  • Ensuring the network seeks and acts upon parent and families’ views of neonatal services

The PAGs are an integral part of the NWNODN work and their support ensures all work undertaken by the NWNODN upholds these values. 

Join a PAG

You can help us do things better for our families by joining one of our PAGs. If you are thinking about joining a PAG, you can speak with one of our PAG members to find out  more – click on the above at the top of the page for contact details of the Parent Advisory Group in your area – or have  look at the role description below. And if you feel this is right for you – please complete the expression of interest below, and on receipt we will get in touch with you to discuss further.

PAG Role Description

Expression of Interest – Joining a PAG

We can also help you with any further information or any questions you may have by dropping us an email  –


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