Parents and Families

Welcome to the Parents’ and Families’ Section

Here you will find information and resources to support you and your family through your neonatal journey.  We recognise that this may be a time of mixed emotions for you, but please be assured that we are working hard to ensure that your time on the neonatal unit is as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Each year over 8,000 babies are admitted to one of the twenty-two neonatal units within the NWNODN.    The NWNODN includes two neonatal surgical centres and two cardiac centres, and all units are served by a dedicated 24/7 neonatal transport team – ConnectNW

Our aim is to ensure your baby receives the right level of care, in the right place and as close to home as possible.

Our units within the NWNODN

Information on the 22 Neonatal units with the NWNODN

On the Neonatal Unit

What to expect during your stay on the neonatal unit

Support for you and your baby

Information on how we can support you and other support available for families

Parent Advisory Groups (PAG)

What our PAGs do and how you can join