Welcome to the North West Perinatal/Neonatal Palliative Care page

Over 8000 babies are cared for at across the NWNODN every year. Sadly some of these babies will die either in hospital or be discharged with a life-limiting illness to community settings where they can best be supported with palliative and end of life care. It is crucial that these babies receive holistic end of life and palliative care whilst their families and carers are supported through a very difficult and challenging time.

The following documents provide a framework and set of tools to assist health care professionals with their care provision, trying to ensure the right conversations take place at the right time, in the right place and with the right people. This then should hopefully result in the very best care possible being provided.

Guide to using the resources:

There is an overarching North West Perinatal/Neonatal Palliative Care Guideline and two care plans for care within the hospital setting and care provided in a hospice or home. Additional supporting documents have been placed into subgroups to help guide the user quickly to the information they require.
The resources found within this page have been produced as a result of a wide, multi-disciplinary and cross-organisational collaboration. We hope these documents and the information they contain will be welcomed as helpful tools for anybody providing palliative and end of life care in a multitude of settings and places, but always with the baby and their family at the centre. Please send us your comments and feedback after using this page and resources to

NWNODN Perinatal/Neonatal Palliative Care Guideline and Care Plans:

Palliative Care Guideline

Care Plan For Babies On A Neonatal Unit

Care Plan For Hospice or Home