Summary of Unit Care

North Manchester General Hospital Neonatal Unit is a Local Neonatal Unit. Our unit has 19 cot spaces, 2 are designated as Intensive Care, 2 High dependency and 15 special care which provide medical care for the new-born baby.

There are various members of the team and we are currently working towards Family Integrated Care accreditation. This is where we will empower and teach you to care for your baby throughout your stay on the LNU. Your baby will be cared for using a multidisciplinary approach which include Doctors, Nurses, Nurse associates, Students, Clinical support workers, Pharmacist, Speech and Language therapist, Dietician, Physiotherapist, SPOONs.

We fully support you to be as involved as you can be in the care of your baby.

Parking & Public Transport Information

Parking is free for parents, when your baby is admitted please speak to a member of the nursing team who can issue you with a parking permit and details of where to park. Visitors can park in the green signed areas and payment is via the pay and display points. (Car parking information and guidance can be found on the trust website.)

Visiting Times

We have an open visiting policy for parents. Visiting times for all other visitors are between 10am and 10pm. We ask that there is only 2 people per cot (one being a parent). Family and friends may visit when a parent is present.
During the hours of 12.30-14.30 visiting is restricted to parents only as we have Quiet time. During this period the lights are dimmed allowing babies to rest.
We do understand that there are circumstances when parents face difficulties with visiting, please speak to the nurse in charge so we can help to accommodate this.
Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on the unit unless they are siblings and this is for infection control.

Parent Facilities

All families are provided with a welcome pack and orientation to the unit by a member of staff.

We have 2 parent bedrooms which are situated on the unit. They are allocated to parents who are preparing for discharge home to aid with the transition. They can also be used for parents who have a sick baby or who live outside of the area. There is a family room away from the clinical area with a television and some toys for other siblings. We also have a parent kitchen where tea and coffee making facilities are provided. There is also a fridge and microwave for parents to utilise if they wish to have food during their visits.

We also have a canteen onsite. Please speak to staff for further details.

Parent Support

We have a parent led support group called SPOONs – Supporting Parents of Neonates.

SPOONs peer support volunteers are all parents who have experienced neonatal care. We currently have a SPOONs volunteer on the unit every Wednesday and Thursday. On the last Wednesday of every month we also hold a coffee morning and encourage past and present parents to come along and have a chat. SPOONs is a registered charity and fundraises to improve family services and facilities on the unit. SPOONs support is also available via Facebook groups and have private groups for all parents, including a separate group for Dads and for bereaved parents. SPOONs also work within the community so families can access support after their baby has been discharged. There are also different events throughout the year run by SPOONs which include
• Weaning sessions
• Basic Life Support
• Go Karting
• Zumba
• Mental Health awareness
We display the events in the visitors room and our volunteers and nurses will also inform you.

We have a Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team.

They are an integral part of the support on the unit. Someone is always available to offer emotional support and/or religious care to patients, carers and staff. This service is available 24/7 for urgent needs and on the next working day for non-urgent issues.

We really appreciate parent feedback. During your stay on the unit you will notice Tops and Pants in the visitors room and also yellow vests for the friends and family test.
During the year we hold lots of events on the neonatal unit including world prematurity day, mental health awareness, breastfeeding and nurses day to name a few. Parents are always welcome to celebrate with us, posters are displayed in the visitors room with up and coming events.

Sibling Areas

Siblings are very welcome to the unit. We have toys, books, televisions and DVD players for them to use. They can also use the sibling packs that we have donated by SPOONs to do some colouring. Please ensure they are supervised at all times.


Tea, Coffee, Sugar and milk are available for parents to use and we ask that hot drinks are not taken in the clinical area. There is also a fridge and microwave for storing and preparing meals.

We also provide fruit for mums and siblings as part of our healthy eating plan. There is also a cold water dispenser in the visitors room for all to access. If parents are resident in the bedrooms we again provide tea and coffee. Mothers who are breastfeeding are also provided with a hot meal.

We also have vouchers for the canteen which offer a 10% discount on purchases.

Support Resources

We endeavour to provide the best care possible whilst your baby is on our unit. We work together as a multi-disciplinary team to achieve this. At NMGH NNU we have:

• Breast feeding team and breast feeding support workers, electronic breast pumps to use on the unit.
• Breast pumps to loan to use in the community.
• New born screening
• Hearing screeners
• Access to a counsellor
• Translator
• Resuscitation lessons
• Parent craft lessons
• Family Integrated care teaching sessions

We also link in with:
• Physiotherapists
• Dieticians
• Speech and Language therapists
• Community teams
• Neonatal outreach team
• Trust Volunteers
• Radiographers- Cranial scans are performed on a Tuesday morning.

The lead consultant for neonates also performs cranial and cardiac scans routinely on a Thursday morning. This also enables us to have the access to urgent scans. We are very proud to be able to offer this as it is a part of our integral management when making medical decisions for our infants.

Support for Going Home

Our parents are offered and encouraged to take parent craft advice from our team. The introduction of Family Integrated Care will also help with this journey. We want you to feel as confident as possible to look after your baby when you go home. We understand the anxiety’s some parents face on the approach of being discharged and we will work with you and your family to alleviate this.

When your baby is ready to go home parents are introduced to a member of the community outreach team. This is a team of neonatal nurses who will arrange to visit you at home and will continue to visit until it is felt that support is no longer needed. Infants are referred to this team when they have had a stay of 10 days or more on the LNU. If you have been here less than that you will be referred to your health visitor and have GP follow up also.

Additional Information

On admission you will be provided with unit information and be orientated around the unit by your admission nurse. Here we will go through handwashing and infection control. We are currently working towards BLISS accreditation and Family Integrated Care, all of which can be discussed further with your nurse. We are always happy to help and aim to deliver family centred care in everything we do. We encourage parents to be part of the ward round and have informed choices in the care of your baby. If you have any concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Unit Contact Information

North Manchester General Hospital
Neonatal Unit
Delaunays Rd,

Telephone number for neonatal unit: 0161 6258227
Hospital Switchboard: 0161 624 0420

Link to Trust’s own site:
Trust Website

Key Staff Members

Clinical Lead:
• Dr Bivan Saha

Lead Nurse:
Rachel Whyte

Team Leaders:
• Rachel Parkinson
• Heather Dixon
• Karen Hulton
• Tina Mcdonnell
• Caroline Howard