North West Regional Neonatal Induction Programme

This collaborative programme has been successfully running in the north-west since September 2002. The programme aims to optimise the recruitment and retention of nurses into neonatal care. It is specifically designed to provide a supportive learning environment to facilitate the learning experience of staff with no previous neonatal experience. It provides a structured and comprehensive teaching programme which aims to develop the theoretical knowledge and the clinical skills to deliver safe and effective care that meets the needs of unique physical emotional and social needs of the preterm neonate and his/her family.

The north west neonatal units second their new nurses with no previous neonatal experience onto the next available programme. New staff undertaking the programme are supported by the programme team and mentor in their own unit. They will work in a supernumerary capacity for a negotiated period, attend the designated study days and complete the Clinical Assessment Profile and the assessments related to the programme.

The programme is facilitated every 6 months in April and October. It comprises of 12 study days which are facilitated either in Liverpool or Manchester and are taught by the clinical educators, the programme manager or members of the education team at Central Manchester Foundation Trust (CMFT) or Liverpool Women’s Hospital (LWH). Some sessions are facilitated by subject matter experts.

To successfully complete the Induction Programme 80% attendance at the study days is required. The clinical competency document, the workbooks and two clinically based assessments must also be completed.

During the course, staff will be given the opportunity to experience neonatal care delivered in a variety of settings including intensive care, high dependency, special care, transitional care and care in the community. Staff who are employed on a Level 3 (NICU) unit remain on their own unit throughout the programme, rotating through the nurseries gaining experience in all areas. The staff employed on local neonatal (LNU) and special care units (SCBU) undertake a placement at one of the NICU’s. Placements are usually 6 weeks in duration. These staff are supported during their placement by the education teams on the NICU. All staff on the programme are visited on their home unit by one of the programme team and staff undertaking an intensive care placement on one of the NICU’s are also visited while on placement. The visits ensure that the staff member benefits from one-one time with one of the programme team, supports them completing their clinical competencies, workbooks and assessments.

The programme is organised and facilitated by a programme manager and two clinical educators.

In the north-west region, it has been agreed at the manager and educator forum that the neonatal induction programme (NIP) is a standard prerequisite for the Qualification in Speciality (QiS). The NIP provides newly qualified staff and staff with no previous neonatal knowledge with the foundation knowledge and skills to provide safe and competent care to the stable, sick neonate with uncomplicated needs. The QiS then builds and develops this knowledge and skills to higher level developing autonomous practitioners with an in-depth evidence based skill set which enables them to deliver competent care as part of the multi-disciplinary team to the sickest, smallest and most vulnerable babies with complex health needs.

NIP Extension Form (2018)

NIP Extenuating Circumstances Form (2018)