What we do

The NWNODN works in partnership with families and healthcare professionals delivering neonatal care across the north west, helping each clinical setting to achieve the highest standard of care possible.

Each year over 8,000 babies are admitted to one of the twenty-two neonatal units within the NWNODN, which include two neonatal surgical centres and two cardiac centres, all served by a dedicated 24/7 neonatal transport team, Connect NW.

The Purpose of the NWNODN:

  • Ensure effective clinical flows through the provider system
  • Facilitate system-wide collaboration
  • Improve multi-professional, cross-organisational engagement
  • Develop consistent guidance and service standards to ensure a consistent patient and family experience
  • Focus on quality assurance
  • Capacity planning
  • Activity and quality monitoring

Success of the NWNODN has been to ensure:

  • Better access to and from services at the right time
  • Improved operational consistency
  • Better outcomes for patients
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater collaboration between providers in a pathway
  • Robust governance arrangements

ODNs are focused on coordinating patient pathways between providers over a wide area to ensure access to specialist resources and expertise.

The Neonatal Network aims to provide high quality neonatal care to babies and their families, in a unit able to provide the care required, as close to home as possible.

The network team acts as a resource, coordinator and facilitator for all of its stakeholders to achieve a collaborative approach to safe and equitable and effective specialised services.  It consists of a dedicated workforce which is outlined below.

Network Director

The Network Director provides overall leadership, strategic direction and management for the NWNODN to deliver a whole system work programme for neonatal services across the north west of England, working collaboratively with commissioning leads, commissioning quality leads and national outcome leads.   The Director ensures that neonatal services meet national, local and trust standards and by optimising resources will ensure continuous progress is made in service improvements, ensuring service users experience the best possible care and care is delivered in line with commissioning strategies.  The Director is required.

Clinical Leads

Each locality has a Clinical Lead to provide clinical medical leadership in the locality.  The  Clinical Lead works as part of a dynamic network support service across the north west footprint to support the strategic and operational development of coherent and effective network arrangements in a given geographical area, ensuring activities are aligned to and support commissioners in achieving outcome ambitions for patients and benefits to population health.

Senior Lead Nurse

The Senior Lead Nurse works closely with the Network Director to lead the strategic direction of the network and takes a lead role in negotiating, identifying, and implementing plans which contain the required detail for north west neonatal services to be managed and delivered effectively.

Quality Improvement Lead Nurse

The Quality Improvement Lead Nurse is part of a dynamic team delivering an effective support service across the neonatal networks of the north west to deliver the ODN’s key success factors.   The role supports the business in driving transformation as well as value for money in planning, commissioning and service.   The role is designed to build a combination of subject matter expertise and technical skills to develop a strong service delivery.

Lead Care Co-Ordinator

As a key member of the NWNODN team the Lead Care Co-Ordinator will use expert knowledge and specialist clinical skills to carry out core duties and responsibilities on behalf of the NWNODN to enable the network to deliver and measure core.     The Lead Care Co-Ordinator will support the NWNODN in driving transformation as well as value for money and will lead in supporting all neonatal units to develop, improve and enhance Family Integrated Care (FiCare) by developing and working with NWNODN Parent Advisory Groups and working collaboratively with stakeholders across NW fostering a culture where Family Integrated Care is embedded in everyday practice so that parents and families are at the heart of and fully involved in their baby’s care.

Care Co-Ordinator

The Care Co-Ordinator will work closely with the NWNODN Parent Advisory Groups (PAGs) and neonatal teams to embed Family Integrated Care (FiCare) so that parents and families are at the heart of and fully involved in their baby’s care, maximising outcomes and the quality of the family experience.   The Care Coordinator will assist the Lead Care Coordinator and NWNODN Team support the achievement of the aims and key deliverables of the National Neonatal Critical Care Review (NCCR) 2019 and the NHS Long Term Plan (2019) neonatal commitments.

Network Allied Health Professionals

The Network Allied Health Professionals will work as members of a discrete Neonatal Network Allied Health Professional (AHP) Team that forms part of the Neonatal Operational Delivery Network.

The Network Allied Health Professionals Team will consist of
Network Allied Health Professional – Dietetics
Network Allied Health Professional – Physiotherapy
Network Allied Health Professional – Occupational Therapist
Network Allied Health Professional – Speech & Language Therapist

The team members facilitate the delivery of a service to all neonatal units within the network that supports equitable access to and provision of, highly complex, discipline specific, AHP knowledge and skills to new born preterm and term infants and their families.     The Network Allied Health Professionals will work closely with the Network Director, Network Allied Health Professional Lead and Network Board to agree a range of priorities and key deliverables that will be embedded within the Network Action Plan.    The team will develop and implement matrix working practices with all Network stakeholder groups including the full multidisciplinary team within all provider Trusts, LMNS, support groups and Network Task and finish groups in order to achieve agreed project goals.

Workforce & Education Lead

The Workforce & Education Lead brings a senior level of neonatal experience, working in a challenging and complex environment, where there is a significant focus to develop robust approaches to workforce and education planning as outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan and Neonatal Critical Care Review.    The Workforce & Education Lead will collaborate with the national workforce/education group to generate and deliver a national, standardised approach to neonatal workforce reporting; and work with local neonatal service providers across the region to ensure submissions in line with this standard are within agreed timescales to inform decisions around future funding allocations.     As part of the senior NWNODN team, the post holder will ensure that workforce and education planning information and supporting tools underpin the delivery of strategic and operational plans within the neonatal service providers of the north west.

Clinical Educator – NWNODN Education Team

The post holder is responsible for ensuring the provision of high quality multi-professional learning environments and is required to work locally within services where inter-professional learning opportunities can be promoted. The post holder is required to support the breadth of the nurse experience, which will require cross boundary working.

Business & Projects Manager

The Business & Projects Manager works as part of a dynamic team in delivering an effective service supporting colleagues across the NWNODN to provide a focused resource for the effective running of the Operational Delivery Network.  The Business & Projects Manager is responsible for the development and monitoring of internal processes for project management, proposal delivery and providing up to date information to enable the provision of reports to Board, Senior Managers and other staff and members within the NWNODN. The post holder will be expected to support Clinical Leads and the Quality Improvement Lead Nurses in the development of proposals, project plans and new initiatives.

Project Co-Ordinator

The Project Co-Ordinator provides support to enable the successful delivery of defined projects within the NWNODN Work Programme, incorporating the national Neonatal Critical Care Review implementation for the NW, with responsibility for maintaining project documents, assisting in project planning, arranging meetings, training and co-managing small scale projects.

Team Co-Ordinator

The Team Co-Ordinator provides a comprehensive administrative service to the Network Director and the NWNODN Team. The Team  Co-Ordinator’s main duties include planning, organising and, directing and coordinating the administration work of the network.

Programme Administrator

The Programme Administrator provides a comprehensive administrative support service in the delivery of NWNDON education.    The post holder’s main duties will include planning, organising, directing and coordinating the administration work of the Education team and the associated education programmes.

Each year the NWNODN sets out its work programme which is presented to, and agreed by, the NWNODN Board.  The programme is developed in line with the NWNODN overarching principles and success factors, and focusses on:

  • Developing medium and long term plans to deliver the vision and strategic ambitions outlined in the NHS Long Term Planand Neonatal Critical Care Review (NCCR).
  • Focusing on improving the financial stability of the NWNODN both now and for the future to give a sustainable workforce to deliver the ten year ambitions of the Long Term Plan.
  • Addressing areas of deficiency in performance across the north west specifically with regards to areas of public health concern, such as breastfeeding rates.
  • Continuing to put the clinical and managerial hierarchies, governance structures and supporting infrastructures in place that are required to operate an Operational Delivery Network.
  • Rising to the challenge of finding new and innovative ways to support providers to attract recruit and retain the right staff to deliver services efficiently and effectively across the north west.
  • Looking to develop new partnerships with our local education providers to improve our educational offering to neonatal care providers.

The full work programme can be found here