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Wigan Neonatal Unit Re-accredited for BFI

A massive well-done to everyone on the Wigan NNU as they are not only the first (& only) unit in the NW to gain full Neonatal BFI Accreditation but they have now been re-accredited following a recent assessment. I am sure if anyone needs any top tips or advice then their Ward Manager, Julie, will be happy to share how they have achieved their success.


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Sue Snowdon – NNA Nurse of the Year Runner Up

Susan Snowdon, Neonatal Induction Programme Manager, NWNODN is National Neonatal Nurse of the Year runner up (Neonatal Nurse Association) in recognition of her contribution to the education and development of nurse new to neonatal care!!

Susan has touched and influenced so many of our nursing careers and this award goes some way to recognising that –well done.


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Neonatal Nursing 3rd Edition the new “Boxwell”

We have always known that there is so much experience and knowledge in neonatal care in the North West and it is highlighted in this edition of Boxwell which has 8 contributors from the NW – well done to you all and thank you for your time/commitment to making this happen.

This is a great encouragement to the rest of us to consider how we want to develop/share the great work that we are doing. Time to give that some real thought – what can you do to make that happen?

The great news is that there is a 30% Discount Available – enter the code ADS19 at checkout to get the bargain price of £23.09  . See attached flyer for more information.



Section 1- An Overview of Neonatal Care
Chapter 3: The Premature and low-birthweight neonate Emma Kyte, Nurse Consultant, Liverpool Women’s Hospital
Section 2- The physical and emotional wellbeing of neonate and family
Chapter 5: Developmentally focused neonatal care Alison O’Doherty,

Matron, Manchester Foundation Trust, Wythenshawe

Chapter 9: Ethical and legal issues in the neonatal unit Deborah Nicholson and Katherine Noble, Neonatal nurse / educators, Royal Preston Hospital
Chapter 10: Early care of the newborn Sarah Fitchett, Neonatal Lecturer, Salford
Chapter 11: Management of thermal stability Tracey Jones, Senior Neonatal Lecturer, Manchester
Chapter 14: Neonatal brain injury Debbie Webster, Lead Educator, North West Neonatal ODN
Chapter 16: Management of fluid and electrolyte balance Allison Mitchell, Programme Leader MSc Advanced Practice (Neonates), Salford



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