Having a baby on a neonatal unit can be a very difficult and worrying time for families and we recognise that you will need supporting through this experience.

Neonatal Staff are there to support you with taking care of your baby’s day to day needs, they will also explain any medical needs your baby may have. When decisions need to be made about your baby, staff are there to provide information to assist you in making your choice.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have on the unit where your baby is being cared for. In addition to support from the neonatal unit please find below links to further information around neonatal care.

UNICEF Leaflet for parents: You and your baby: supporting love and nurture on the neonatal 



Breast Feeding

Amazing Breast Milk: http://www.amazingbreastmilk.nhs.uk/


Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy

Bliss HIE Information leaflet for parents: Bliss HIE

General Support & Advice

BLISS: Find out more
Baby buddy app: https://www.bestbeginnings.org.uk/using-baby-buddy
Spoons: peer support for families: http://www.spoons.org.uk/
Neonatal Natter: peer support for families: https://twitter.com/neonatalnatter
Neomates: peer support for families: https://twitter.com/neomates?lang=en
The Smallest Things Charity https://thesmallestthings.org/about/about-2/
The Smallest Things Charity: life-after-nicu-report-2017
A compelling and insightful report for both health care professionals and parents about life following neonatal care, based on information from over 1,600 mothers

Information on ROP

Parent information on treatment of ROP:
Parent information on screening for ROP: